Mount Up and Ride into Glory

Mounts can be sent alongside your Hero, Astrals, Troops, and Monsters giving an additional boost to your Marches.

Mounts are known to be a form of transportation for your Hero to ride into battle across Eos or to help reinforce your Empire in time for war. Send them alongside your Hero, Astrals, Troops, along with your Monsters, giving an additional boost to your Marches. Also, just like Troops, Mounts automatically defend your Empire if you were getting attacked.  It is essential to remember this Mount’s overall potential is all depending on his Rank, Endurance, and Strength.

Rank: Combat Effectiveness 

Endurance: Attack while Defending

Strength: Attack while Attacking 

The higher your Mount’s Rank is, the greater his damage will be overall. When your Mount is with your Hero and Troops to attack a Neutral Empire or an Enemy Empire, he then uses Strength to dictate the amount of damage he gives. However, when he is defending your Empire, the Crystal, or perhaps a Tile, he uses Endurance to absorb damage dealt upon him. This makes your War-Trained Chocobo or your Sinstercorn available to assist in Offense AND Defense in whatever the situation demands. 

Royal Stables

(August 20th, 2019)

The Royal Stables is now a home for all of your Mounts! Guess Iggy finally found those building permits and worked hard into designing a new building for our birdies so that they can run freely from our Astrals. Hence we know those Astrals can get a bit cranky after a long day of battle. Go into your Royal Stables then Tap the Select Mount button so you can resummon your War-Trained Chocobo back home. We cannot have him running around like a chicken with his head cut off, freaking out, wondering where he is supposed to be.

War-Trained Chocobo

Level 1-50

(June 25th, 2019)

Level 51-150 (July 29th, 2019)

Level 151-200 (September 10th, 2019)

Firstly, this War-Trained Chocobo was the first Mount to release in FFXV: A New Empire for your Hero to use in battle. These tall birds roam the Eos but can be tamed and ridden to help assist you in the fight. As Wiz Forlane devoted his life to protecting these avians, they have become loyal companions and Mounts. Wiz’s final Dossier entry states, ”Before the advent of automobiles, Chocobos served as steeds, transporting people and goods from place to place. Out of all the various breeds, black Chocobos have proven the fleetest of foot, keeping apace with the most conventional vehicles. As an endangered species, however, dark-plumed Chocobos are rarely seen in the wild.”

As of right now, you can unlock the War-Trained Chocobo using the Astral Shrine Level 9 Unlock as the new building for the Mounts is currently being worked on until further notice. Make sure to use War-Trained Chocobo Signets to level him up. Now, let’s all take a moment to appreciate the Chocobo’s beauty! He is so absolutely kweh! His exceptional skills lie under boosting your Dark Troops overall as well as Dark Cavalry.

Overall War-Trained Chocobo’s Boosts:

  • War-Trained Chocobo Endurance 
  • War-Trained Chocobo Strength 
  • War-Trained Chocobo Attack 
  • Dark March Size
  • Dark Rally Capacity 
  • Dark Troop Attack, HP, plus Armor 
  • Dark Attack, HP, along with Armor with Mount 
  • Dark City Defense Attack, Armor, and HP
  • Dark Cavalry Attack, Armor, along with HP
  • Dark City Assault Attack, HP, as well as Armor 

Level 51-150

(July 29th, 2019)

As your War-Trained Chocobo climbs up the Rank, make sure to take advantage of his new as well as his updated boosts. Remember that your Mount’s Rank will be the deciding factor for his overall combat effectiveness. The higher the Chocobo’s Rank, the better the damage it will be for you in Offense as well as Defense. 

Overall additional War-Trained Chocobo’s Boosts:

  • Dark Troop Attack with Mount
  • Dark Troop HP with Mount
  • Dark Troop Armor with Mount
  • Injured Dark Troop Hospital Capacity
  • Dark Healing Speed
  • Dark Guardian HP as well as Armor
  • Dark Crystal Assault Rally Attack 
  • Dark Crystal Holding Attack 
  • Dark City Assault Attack

 Level 151-200

(September 10th, 2019)

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks; even though I would take on that challenge, I suppose in many ways it is true. But what about an older Chocobo? As he rises to level 200, it seems as he has some tricks up his sleeve. Do I need to remind you again that this beautiful creature’s Rank will determine how hard he rides into battle? And guess what?! This handsome beast comes packing with Tier 7 Troop reductions!

Additional overall War-Trained Chocobo boosts:

  • Dark March Size
  • Dark Rally Capacity
  • Dark Guardian Attack
  • Dark Elite Troop Armor, HP, and Attack
  • Dark Troop Attack, HP, as well as Armor with Mount
  • Dark Rally Attack
  • Dark City Defense Attack
  • Dark City Assault Attack
  • Dark Cavalry Attack
  • Tier 7 Dark Troop Cost Efficiency
  • Tier 7 Dark Troop Training Speed

When leveling your Chocobo keep in mind

  • Level 1-50 requires War-Trained Chocobo Training Signets.
  • Level 51-100 requires Empowered War-Trained Chocobo Training Signets.
  • Level 101-150 requires War-Trained Chocobo Training Signets Level 3.
  • Level 151-200 requires War-Trained Chocobo Training Signets Level 4.

War-Trained Chocobo Mount

Ebony Chocobo

Ebony Chocobo Mount

Level 1-50

Level 1-50 (August 20th, 2019)

Level 51-100 (October 2nd, 2019)

To unlock this beauty, you will need Royal Stables at Level 2. The Royal Stables requires just one Royal Stables Blueprint to unlock the Ebony Chocobo. After reaching the level, you then may summon the Ebony Chocobo at any given time you wish to. Only one Chocobo as of right now can be active at a time, whether attacking or defending your Empire. So make sure you do not forget to summon the one you desire to use when playing. He specializes in Dark Mercenaries, along with providing additional boosts advancing your Dark Guardians even more! With this intention, check out the vital support you can obtain by activating this bird.

Overall Ebony Chocobo Boosts:

  • Ebony Chocobo Endurance
  • Ebony Chocobo Strength
  • Ebony Chocobo Rank
  • Ebony Chocobo Attack
  • Dark Ice Troop Armor, Attack, and HP
  • Dark Guardian Armor, Attack, as well as HP
  • Dark Mercenary March Size
  • Dark Elemental March Size 
  • Dark Elemental Armor, Attack, along with HP
  • Dark Mercenary Armor, Attack, plus HP
  • Dark Mercenary Rally Capacity
  • Dark Elemental Rally Capacity

Level 51-100

(October 2nd, 2019)

As the Ebony Chocobo grows to level 100, he continues to aid your Mercenaries. What is even sweeter is the fact that this dark beauty can multiply your Mercenary Troop Bonuses as well!

Additional overall Ebony Chocobo Boosts:

  • Ebony Chocobo: Dark Mercenary Attack, HP, along with Armor Multiplier
  • Dark Mercenary Attack, HP, as well as Armor with Mount
  • Dark Juggernaut Attack, HP, plus Armor
  • Dark Airship Attack, HP, in addition to Armor
  • Dark Mech Attack, HP, and Armor
  • Ebony Chocobo Attack, Armor, as well as Health Bonus

When leveling your Chocobo keep in mind

  • Level 1-50 requires Ebony Chocobo Training Signets.
  • Level 51-100 requires Ebony Chocobo Training Signet Level 2


Level 1-50

(October 15th, 2019)

Well, it looks like we must quit horsing around and recruit this hunk of beauty to our Royal Stables. The Sinistercorn will gallop with you into battle, assisting your Elementals while also debuffing your enemies Ebony Chocobo. In order to unlock him, you will need one Royal Stable Blueprint Level two. He is more built for Attacking, not Defending as he is weaker than Ebony Chocobo from a defense standpoint.

Overall Sinistercorn Boosts

  • Sinistercorn Rank
  • Sinistercorn Strength
  • Sinistercorn Endurance
  • Sinistercorn: Dark Elemental Troop Attack, HP, and Armor Multiplier
  • Sinistercorn Attack plus HP Bonus
  • Dark Elemental Attack, HP, as well as Armor with Mount
  • Dark Fire Troop Attack, HP, along with Armor
  • Dark Lightning Troop Attack, HP, and Armor
  • Dark Ice Troop Attack, HP, as well as Armor
  • Dark Earth Troop Attack, HP, in addition to Armor
  • Dark Elemental March and Rally Capacity
  • Enemy Chocobo Attack, Strength, along with Cripple Resistance

Autumn Griffon

Level 1-10

(November 26th, 2019)

Autumn Griffon Training Signets

This Mount is only here for a limited time! 

The Autumn Griffon soars into the air as he boosts your Commander Supplies and provides Attack Resistance to your enemies Chocobos. In order to unlock this mighty bird, you need to have Royal Stables at level one as well as 100,000 Autumn Griffon Training Signets. 

Overall Griffon Boosts

  • Autumn Griffon Rank
  • Autumn Griffon Strength
  • Autumn Griffon Endurance
  • Mount Supplies Attack Potency
  • Mount Supplies Defense Potency
  • Autumn Griffon Attack
  • Dark Troop Attack, Armor, and HP
  • Dark Mercenary Attack, Armor, along with HP
  • Dark Elemental Attack, Armor, plus HP
  • Dark Troop, Mercenary, and Elemental March Size 
  • Dark Troop, Mercenary, in addition to Elemental Rally Capacity
  • Enemy Chocobo Attack Resistance

He takes a total of 1M Autumn Griffon Training Signets to max out!

As mentioned above, this predator is only here for a limited time. As in, he will only be available in Rewards Chests for this week, so once he’s gone, he is gone forever. 


Requirements to earn maxed Autumn Griffon:

50 Autumn Griffon Tokens – Tier One Reward Chest

100,000 Autumn Griffon Training Signets


100 Autumn Griffon Tokens – Tier 2 Rewards Chests

400,000 Autumn Griffon Training Signets

This will get you to level 5.


200 Autumn Griffon Tokens – Tier 3 Rewards Chests

500,000 Autumn Griffon Training Signets

This will max your Autumn Griffon levels.


Each standard pack $100 pack contains 10 Autumn Griffon Tokens. There are cheaper packs available, but as they are discounted, so are the Tokens. Such as if a pack is $50, you get 5. Making this $10 per one token you purchase. With this in mind, it will cost about 20 packs to max this Mount. 

However, there are ‘buy one, get one free’ pack as well as ‘buy two, get two’ that contains 10 Tokens per pack as well making this cheaper.

Mastery Skills

Do you want to boost your Mounts overall even more? Check out the Heroes that contain Mount Boosts in their Mastery Skill Trees

Veteran Ignis

  • Mirror Hero Veteran Ignis: Mount Debuffs
  • Enemy Mount Strength Resistance, which decreases your enemies’ Mount Strength.
  • Enemy Cripple Mount Endurance which decreases your enemies Mount Endurance

Veteran Prompto has Mount Attack in his Mastery Skill Tree. Also, check out Ardyn as he has Ebony Chocobo Attack boosts as well.

Power of Kings/Queens

Boost your Power of Kings and Queen Skills to aid your Mounts in battle!

Gentiana aids Dark Mount, Ebony Chocobo, Dark Mount II, in addition to Ebony Chocobo II. Your Hero Iris’ Power of Queen Skill Tree boosts Dark Mount, Dark Mount II, and Dark Mount III. Then Cindy provides help by promoting Dark Mount, War-Trained Chocobo, Dark Mount II, as well as War-Trained Chocobo II. Aranea assists your Mounts by boosting Dark Mount as well as Dark Mount II. Last but not least, the True Queen Luna has Dark Mount, Dark Mount II, Dark Mount III, along with Sinistercorn Mount in her Skill Tree.

Power of Kings Hero Noctis, King Noctis, King Regis, Gladiolus, as well as Ignis have a Dark Mount boost. Prompto has it, too, in addition to Ebony Chocobo.

Mirror Heroes

Veteran Ignis Mirror Hero has a Mount Debuff for Strength and Endurance against your enemies. Mirror Hero Veteran Prompto as well as aids your Mounts.

Make sure to research:

  • Mirror Hero Veteran Prompto: Mount
  • Mirror Hero Veteran Ignis: Mount Debuff


In your Crystal Nexus, you can activate Cores to boost your Empire overall. Check out these new incredible cores and see how they will help your Mounts! Each of the Cores below has a four-hour duration along with a 30-minute cooldown.

(October 15th, 2019)

Emberstone Assault Core adds Sinistercorn Attack Bonuses.

Bloomcrystal Defense Core boosts your War-Trained Chocobo’s Attack.

Frozen Crystal Assault Core assists your Ebony Chocobo’s Attack.

Resilient Crystal Defense Coreas well as the Chaos Battle Core provides support to your Mounts overall.

Oracle Temple

The Oracle Temple lets you craft different types of permanent boosts using crafting materials. 

(November 26th, 2019)

The Gods have graced the walls of the Oracle Temple, providing new lifetime Mount Boosts. You now can gain additional boosts for your Mounts in the Oracle Temple! 

Check out which ones will assist you

  • War-Trained Chocobo Attack
  • Ebony Chocobo Attack 
  • Sinistercorn Attack
  • Mount Attack Bonus
  • Enemy Chocobo Attack Resistance 
  • Mount Supplies Attack Potency
  • Mount Supplies Defense Potency
  • Dark Troop Attack, Armor, as well as HP with Mount
  • Dark Elemental Attack, Armor, and HP with Mount
  • Dark Mercenary Attack, Armor, along with HP with Mount

It is important to remember, the boost that mentions ‘with Mount’ such as Dark Troop Attack with Mount, your Mount must be present for it to be effective. 

If you are looking for overall benefits across the board to balance your Empire and help you in multiple scenarios, then go for the boosts that say Mount on it before going into the specific Mount itself, such as the Sinistercorn. 

If you are looking to defend your Empire, then prioritize getting the Enemy Chocobo Attack Resistance ones unlocked before collecting the others. Doing so will help debuff your enemies Mount stats as they attack you.

Things you should know

  • While your Mount is Attacking, he uses Strength.
  • While your Mount is Defending, he uses Endurance.
  • You can send your Mount alongside with your Astrals.
  • One of the neat things about this little guy is that he will ONLY take the damage once your forces start to pulverize. The Mount can take some severe damage in Combat and will need to bounce back, assuming any damage inflicted upon him. To heal your Mount, you can use the same Talisman that is currently being used to treat Astrals.

War-Trained Chocobo Training Signets Chart

Chocobo Chart

Empowered War-Trained Chocobo Training Signets

Chocobo Chart

War-Trained Chocobo Training Signets Level 3

Ebony Chocobo Training Signets

How do you plan to use your Mount? Do you expect to use it to crush your foes or use them to Defend/Trap your attacker? As more Mounts or levels get released in the future, make sure you check back here for more updates!

Comment below with your thoughts or connect with us on Social Media, aka Line as well as Discord, and let us know!

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