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September Recap With AlyKat

Welcome to the September Recap with AlyKat. This month, Eos saw many events that helped players advance their builds, along with several key releases. Releases Gear Power Up/Sanctum of Power Bringing a huge addition to Boosts, most Gear…

August Recap Chat with AlyKat

Welcome to the August installment of Recap with AlyKat! Many things happened this month in the land of Eos. New buildings, new troops, new events, and a hot new Hero. Let's take a look back at last month! New Releases Aranea 150 and Stoss…

Realm Boss Guide

This article will discuss the types of Realm Bosses that exist in Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire, what items they drop, and how to do the most damage to them.

Realm of the Titan

Another new event for Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire is on the horizon: Realm of the Titan. In this post, we will go over what is known and unknown about the event, and speculate on the structure of the event and the potential strategy…